Smart QR Generator Platform for Business-to-Consumer


The sQR Platform delivers connected, immersive experiences across all channels by connecting the real world and digital realms. This enables marketers to build a more comprehensive picture of how their initiatives impact customer engagement and revenue.


Product Design
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Screenshot of the  sQR dashboard showing a list of created QR codes, some filters and some activity boxes
Screenshot depicting the 3 step signup flow for SQR - email, first name plus phone number and the confirmation code sent to the phone.
Screenshot of a QR analytics dashboards, showing all scans, breakdown my most popular devices, day of the week, hour, a map, top cities and top states
Screenshot of the second step in the QR generation proces allowing the user to paste the URL they want the QR to redirect to
Screenshot of the QR generation customization step allowing users to change the color of the QR, the type and add a logo or an image
Screenshot of the download step in the QR generation process with options to download for print, for web and a preview of the generated QR to be scanned

Screenshot a of configuration screen to add a CNAME as a white label option.