Designing the Growth Platform for Go-to-Market Teams with Sona


The Sona Growth Platform delivers the most comprehensive picture of the buyer's journey—across all channels, both online and offline—to provide marketers with near-complete attribution of their initiatives and revenue.


Sona Labs LLC
Product Design
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Max is hands down one of the finest product designers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only does he have excellent product insights, but his creativity is unmatched. His user-center design will help drive your business. You would be lucky to work with him.
Ramu Yalamanchi
Founder & CEO, Sona Labs LLC
Screenshot of login screen with username, password and Google sign in optionScreenshot of a Dashboard showing marketing cost data, with overall marketing metrics and a breakdown by marketing channelScreenshot of a dashboard with 4 charts, showing Facebook's performance as a media channelScreenshot of widget creator - Step 1Generic table exampleScreenshot of a screen showing a table of reportsScreenshot of the report table with the two rows selectedScreenshot of a screen allowing users to copy the Javascript code for the Sona SDKScreenshot of the welcome screen showing a list of dashboards, a chart depicting web visitors, a help section, an invite my team form and a define intent signals box